A husband-and-wife songwriting duo from Gulfport, MS, The Story Is Everything combines the narrative sensibility of The Decemberists with the tight harmonies of The Civil Wars, and washes it all down with a splash of Southern charm. TSIE expands the classic folk sound with bold instrumentation and intimate chords.


John & Tanya Voorhees met for the first time in 1984 at High School in Natchitoches, LA, but they started singing together in earnest in 1993.

After a few months of regular coffeehouse gigs, they went their separate ways and each enjoyed a modest solo career.

In 2003, John returned to the South from the wilds of New England and the two started work on a duo recording project … which had to give way to their marriage and the raising of two beautiful daughters.

Finally, 2012 saw the band back into the recording studio, and they released their first CD, The Story Is Everything, under the name John & Tanya. The decision was eventually made to name the band after the album.

And that’s just the beginning of the story.


John and Tanya are both experienced songwriters with several solo CD’s under their belts. The Story Is Everything combines their musical energies into an extraordinary and compelling listening experience.

TSIE expands the classic folk sound with bold instrumentation and a focus on potent narrative and tight harmony. Listeners are taken on musical journeys from the ancient sands along the Nile to our postmodern gadget-driven present to stalking the urban jungle with prowling werewolves to delving into the deep culture and history of the Crescent City.

Come listen now!